Ponderosa Theatre Parents Bylaws


Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be Ponderosa Theatre Parents (PTP).


Article II – Purpose

This group is organized for the purpose of supporting the Ponderosa Theatre Company (PTC) at Ponderosa High School (PHS). We will provide support to the PTC through a variety of means, including fundraising, grant writing, marketing & advertising, production support, concessions. We will strive to be positive role models and mentors to students at all times.

Our Mission: “To Support and promote the extracurricular dramas and musicals at PHS, while also fostering students’ pride of participation in all aspects of those programs’.

PTP is a chapter of The Foundation for Douglas County Schools.


Article III – Members

  1. Members – Eligible members are a parent, guardian, or grandparent of any student at PHS, or any 8th grade student registered to attend PHS the following year. Members must pay annual dues, which allows them a voice and a vote at all general meetings. The PTC Director has voice without vote in matters of the PTP.
  2. Fees – The Executive Board sets membership fees. Members must pay membership fees prior to receiving voting rights.
  3. Alumni – Legacy membership is available to PTC/PTP alumni. For a one-time fee, the Legacy member retains voice at PTP general meetings, and retention on mailing lists.


Article IV – Officers and Elections

  1. Officers – There shall be five officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications.
  2. Nomination of officers: Will be taken from the floor at the April general meeting.
  3. Election of officers: Elections of the officers are held at the May general PTP meeting. If more than one person is running for an office, a ballot vote shall be taken, otherwise officers are elected by a simple majority vote by show of hands. The PTC Director, who does not vote, will handle additional votes made by proxy through electronic media.
  4. Officer Term Limits: Individuals may serve up to three consecutive one-year terms in the same office.
  5. Individuals may not serve in more than one office at a time.
  6. Vacancy: A vacancy in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a simple majority of the voting members of the general membership in attendance at a PTP general meeting. Executive Board.
  7. Resignation: Any officer may resign by giving written notice to the President or Secretary. The resignation of any officer shall take effect upon receipt of notice, or at such time as stated in the notice.
  8. Removal: Any officer may be removed from office by two-thirds majority of the voting members of the general membership in attendance at a PTP general meeting, with or without cause.


Article V – Executive Board

  1. Membership: The Executive Board shall consist of the officers and the PTC Director.
  2. Duties: The Executive Board shall be responsible for transacting business between general meetings, creating standing rules and polices, creating standing and/or temporary committees, supporting the Treasurer in maintaining accurate records of income and expenses, approving routine expenses, and preparing reports and recommendations to the membership.
  3. Meetings: Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall generally be held 2 weeks before the general membership meetings. Special meeting can be called with 3 days notice to all Executive Board members.
  4. Quorum: Attendance of three fifths makes a quorum for Executive Board meetings.
  5. Position descriptions:
  • President:
  • Prepares agenda for executive and general meetings and distributes in advance to the Executive Board for review/edits.
  • Presides over general, Executive Board and special meetings.
  • Reviews and ensures that general meeting agendas are available at least 2 days prior to the general meeting.
  • Serves as primary contact for PTC Director and public.
  • Coordinates the work of the officers and any committee chairs so that the purpose of the organization is served.
  • Assures the group is in compliance with the bylaws and any Foundation for DCS requirements.
  • Vice-President:
  • Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Assumes the duties of the President in the event of a resignation, until a successor is elected.
  • Investigates and pursues grants and other corporate funding options on behalf of the Ponderosa Theatre Company/program.
  • Assures the group is in compliance with the bylaws and any Foundation for DCS requirements.
  • Treasurer:
  • Serves as primary contact to Foundation for DCS on all financial matters of the organization.
  • Receives all funds of the organization.
  • Responsible for paying out funds, all of which must be approved by the executive board.
  • Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.
  • Presents a financial report at every regularly scheduled general membership meeting.
  • Provides a full financial report at the end of the fiscal year.
  • The outgoing Treasurer will orient the new Treasurer to processes and ensure that year-end disbursements are made and books are balanced by July 31.
  • Assures the group is in compliance with the bylaws and any Foundation for DCS requirements.
  • Secretary:
  • Takes minutes at all general, executive, and special meetings.
  • Distributes minutes to the Executive Board and posts online within two weeks of the meeting for feedback.
  • Keeps an official record of all minutes and bylaws.
  • Assures the group is in compliance with the bylaws and any Foundation for DCS requirements.
  • Communications:
  • Coordinates with PTC Director to manage website and all social media updates.
  • Sends out newsletters, email reminders, and other communications to members as needed.
  • Assures the group is in compliance with the bylaws and any Foundation for DCS requirements.


Article VI – Meetings

  1. General Membership meetings: Membership meetings will be held on the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. unless the general membership votes to change it at the first general meeting of the year. Due to holidays and school closings, dates will be verified and set by first general meeting of the year for first semester and by the November meeting for second semester
  2. Executive Board Meetings: The Executive Board meetings will meet monthly except December. At the first meeting of each school year, the Executive Board members will set their meeting schedule for the year.
  3. Special Meetings: The President, any two members of the Executive Board, or five general members submitting a written request to the Secretary or President, may call a special meeting. A special meeting requires 3 days notice via electronic means.
  4. Quorum: Attendance of three-fifths of the Executive Board plus one (1) general member makes a quorum for any meeting.


Article VII – Governance of Meetings:

  1. Parliamentary Authority: This organization will use a modified form of Robert’s Rules of Order to govern meetings of the membership and Executive Board.
  2. Timed Agenda: An agenda with time limits will be available in advance of all meetings, and every effort will be made to stay on-task.  If any member wishes to address the Executive Board or the general membership on an item that will require more than 5 minutes, he/she must request time on the agenda prior to the meeting. These requests must be made to the President at least 3 days in advance of the general meeting.
  3. Unscheduled Visitors: Unscheduled Visitors may address the Executive Board or the membership on any topic related to the purpose of the organization for up to 3 minutes during an open forum at the end of the meeting. The President reserves the right to limit the number of unscheduled visitors per meeting.
  4. Compliance with Colorado’s Open Meeting Law: All meetings shall be open to the public with meeting time and location provided in compliance with Colorado’s open meeting law (C.R.S. 24-6-402). Additionally, minutes of any meeting shall be open to public inspection in accordance with Colorado’s open meeting law (C.R.S. 24-6-402)


Article VIII – Committees:

Standing or temporary committees may be established at any time, for any purpose.


Article IX – Finances:

  1. Fiscal year shall be August 1 – July 31.
  2. Records: The treasurer shall keep accurate records of all income, expenditures, and bank account information.
  3. Approval of Expenses: prior approval of the Executive Board is required for all expenses. Expenses incurred without Executive Board approval may not be reimbursed.
  4. The Foundation for DCS Relationship: The treasurer shall ensure compliance with all financial rules established by the Foundation for DCS.
  5. PTC Relationship: To improve efficiency and effectiveness, monies may be collected through the PTP and disbursed to the PTC for program needs as appropriate.
  6. For expenditures over $500, three written bids are required prior to approval.
  7. A carry-over fund of at least $2000 is required at the end of the fiscal year for summer and early fall costs that may be incurred before PTP annual membership fees are available.
  8. Dissolution: Upon dissolution of the organization, any remaining funds should be used to settle any outstanding bills. Once the expenses of the organization are finalized, all remaining funds shall be given to Ponderosa High School for use in the Theatre Department.


Article X – Scholarships: 

  1. Scholarships will be considered for those in need of financial help, upon request, for the Thespian Conand/or production fees.


Article XII – Dissolution

The organization may be dissolved with a two-thirds vote of all eligible members present at a meeting, if previous notice of the meeting was provided.


Article XIII – Amendments to Bylaws

  1. The Executive Board shall conduct an annual review of the bylaws each summer to ensure that policies and procedures are understood and are still appropriate. If necessary, amendments will be drafted and presented to the general membership at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the new school year.
  2. These bylaws may be amended with a 2/3 vote of all eligible members present at a meeting.
  3. Bylaws will be posted on the PTP website.


Bylaws established August, 2013

Revised August, 2014

Further revised September 02, 2015

Further revised January 13, 2016

Further revised February 1, 2018 


Nicole Iannone

President, Ponderosa Theatre Parents

February 2, 2018


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