Meet Your Board

We are the elected board of the PTP for the 2022-2023 School Year. Please feel free to reach out to any of us with your questions, feedback, ideas or any other way we can support your Theatre Experience. 

Kristin Grayner

Kristin Grayner


Marie Guierre

Marie Guierre

Vice President

Lanny DeRoeck

Lanny DeRoeck


Jennifer Codon

Jennifer Codon


René Cook

René Cook


Want to join the PTP?

The PTP is a volunteer community of Parents of Students in the PHS Theatre Program. We are currently taking names for people who have interest in joining the PTP for the 2021-2022 School Year.  Elections will be held at April’s meeting. Join the interest list today and we will contact you about next steps…


If waving to large, cheering crowds,  presiding over game changing meetings and making important decisions with a crack of your gavel sounds like fun, then PTP President is the role for you!  Although, you’d need to bring your own gavel and play crowd noise on your phone. 

In all seriousness, PTP President creates (with input from the rest of the board), agendas for both the board and general meetings as well as leads meeting discussions as needed.  I also feel like a big part of being President (or any position on the board) is to keep all parents informed and get parents involved in what’s going on with PHS Theatre. If you have any questions about any positions on the board, feel free to reach out anytime,


Historically the VP’s job has been to support fundraising efforts by organizing / steering the annual auction and fall festival, and applying for grants offered by community partners. We all know the past year has been difficult for fundraising efforts.

PTP Vice President should also see out and organize other fundraising opportunities, and support other board members in their duties and efforts. This is a perfect position for anyone who enjoys engaging with community partners for donations, seeking out other fundraising opportunities and recruiting volunteers.

If you have any other questions about the VP role please reach out,


As the Treasurer you are the liasion between the Foundation and the Executive board for all financial matters. You direct other board members and volunteers to the right individuals or information if they have questions regarding fundraisers or financial questions.

The Treasurer is responsible for paying any funds approved by the board and keeping records of these expenditures. You will prepare the financial statements for the PTP with statements received from the foundation matching it with receipts, invoices and other documents provided to or prepared by the Treasurer. At the end of the term, the outgoing treasurer will be training the new one.

You will also keep track of the student raised funds during any of the fundraisers throughout the year.

This role is by far the most popular position in the Executive Board as the treasurer has all the fundraising numbers for the students. It has been an absolute honor to serve as the treasurer for the last few years and it is an incredibly interesting & rewarding position on a wonderful organization.

If you have any other questions about the Treasurer role please reach out,


Have you ever wanted to be the person who informs all the other parents of the important information about our Theatre program? OR have you been the parent that isn’t sure what is going on and wish you could help communicate better? Well this is the perfect role for you! As the communications director I am responsible for our Facebook page, Instagram Page, Website & Emails by creating posts / emails about all upcoming events, meetings, fundraisers and general information that the PTP wants to send out.

A good knowledge of Social Media, computers, and communicating is key for this role and I will train you on how to create visually stunning posts for facebook, instagram and our emails as well as train you on creating the emails and updating information onto the website.

If you have any other questions about the Communications role please reach out,


The Secretary’s main duty to to take minutes at all board meetings and general membership meetings. The secretary then presents the minutes for approval to the board. I also make sure the minutes are posted online for everyone to access as well as keeping copies for the board.

The Secretary supports other members as needed with their roles as well.

If you have any other questions about the Secretary role please reach out,

Ponderosa Theatre Parents (PTP) is a Non-Profit Organization that supports the Students of the Ponderosa High School Theatre and the Ponderosa High School Theatre Program. Click for our full Bylaws.

Ready to Get Involved?

The PTP is a volunteer community of Parents of Students in the PHS Theatre Program. We assist with concessions for shows, backstage help, fundraisers for students for Thescon & New York, and plan Events to help raise money for items the Theatre needs for their productions. Join us, we have a membership option wich allows you a vote at our meetings OR Volunteer wherever and whenever you can for something that fits you.